All About Mobile: Emerging Media’s Disruptive Darling

It all started about eight years ago when the iPhone made its debut. The iPhone was a massive disruptor in the mobile space, single-handedly jump-starting the smartphone industry. Tablets and wearable technologies followed suit, continuing to change the way interact with mobile and each other.

Mobile is a disruptive technology that has propelled marketing, business, and really a myriad of aspects of our daily lives to where it is today. It is no shocker that the desktop is passé when we consider that wireless web use surpassed wired use.

Driving Growth and Behavioral Change

time spent on mobileMobile technology is not simply driving growth, but also behavioral changes. People are spending the most time with it—roughly 141 minutes per day in 2013. Time spent on mobile devices is growing by 50 percent + each year. While the advent of digital and mobile technologies came about when many of us were already in or approaching adulthood, children are now growing up in an environment in which the media they consume is in real-time and customizable.


A Game Changer That Won’t Quit

Mobile is a significant disruptor not only for the impact it has already had on the marketplace, but what it will continue to do.  With prices being considerably more affordable than the supercomputer of the 1950’s, mobile is already accessible to many. Mobile satisfies the ‘what I didn’t know I needed’ quotient, with each new innovation.

Case in point—Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercial.

The ad shows retro television show and movie characters talking into their wrist watches. Many of us may have grown up looking at these images thinking how far off in the future this would be, and now it is here…and will be commonplace before we know it.

The Coming of Gen Z and Alpha

Perhaps the greatest case for why mobile’s impact will continue to be significant is Gen Z and Alpha. They are tech-innate, and tech-native, and their entire lives are growing up in a world with the expectation that the media they consume is real-time and customizable.

Lend me your thoughts…

How do you think up and coming generations will continue to drive innovation for mobile?


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